• Solar Lantern Our solar lantern-HG(SL)01 comes with 6 LED light source, two chargeable and replaceable Ni-mHAA600mAh/1.2V batteries, five hours' charging time and six hours' lighting time. The solar panel is mono-crystalline silicon and the material is ABS plastic.
    The lamp can be used in reading, camping, emergent and decoration conditions...
  • Solar TorchSolar torch-HG(ST)01
    Dimension: 55×150mm
    Lamp: 3 units LED
    Battery: 4 units 1.2V battery with capability of 400mA
    Work time: 6 hours of charge-time under the sun with 4 working hours
  • Solar FlashlightThe radio frequency range: AM/540~1600kHz,FM/88~108MHz
    Material: thermoplasticity ABS resin
    Battery: built-in rechargeable batteries with 3 pieces AA dry cells.
    Charging mode: solar charge, hand generator charge
    Accessory: charging adapter, connecting line and baldric.
  • Solar Key RingOverall dimension: 35×55×5mm
    Material: thermoplasticity and ABS plastic
    Function: key ring and auxiliary lighting
  • Solar Hat Solar hat takes solar energy as motive power. It has novel appearance and easy to carry. When the solar panel is under the sunlight, the solar hat can drive the fan to move. The speed of the fan depends on the intensity of sunshine.
    The solar hat is particularly suitable for outdoor activities in summer, like traveling & on business, fishing & mountaineering, golf, field operations, games or advertising etc...