Quality Control of Solar Modules

The sustainability of solar cell modules is the basis of photovoltaic systems' sustainability.

01 How to make material selection sustainable
Raw materials which are internationally renowned products and get TUV certification are preferred. And all materials must have strict UV aging test. Before the starting of laminating machine, every batch of orders should be carried out strict test of cross-linking degree and parallel control is between 75% -85%. So the optimal cross-linked state is achieved. In this way, the solar cell module can work for a long time without any delamination.

02 How to make the system sustainable
Each solar cell module must be accurately calculated to ensure that the power values meet the engineering needs and the power deviation is in a minimum range. Before raw materials in plant and finished product out plant, every material and product must have strictly tested with high-precision testing instruments. Also the solar cells should be rigorous screened. We adopt solar cells automatic welding production line to ensure the stability of the performance of solar cell modules. We also make standard calibration samples to calibrate the testing equipments and have timely calibration with samples of national department. In addition, we make the test equipment more precise and measurement data more accurate.

03 The testing center makes sure the product's quality
Himin Group has raw materials and finished products testing center with the widest testing range and most complete testing items of global photovoltaic applications. We have already possessed climate modeling experiment box, strength testing machines, salt spray test chamber, UV aging chamber, wet leakage current tester, crosslinking test Instrument, Transmittance Tester, etc. Based on this premise, we can fully guarantee strict testing of optoelectronic products from raw materials to finished product. So the quality of the solar cell modules is fully guaranteed, too.

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