Himin Solar Co., Ltd., established in 1995, located in the world's largest manufacturing base of solar thermal and PV products, Himin • China solar valley, is one of the largest and leading solar product manufacturers in the global solar energy industry. We integrated research & development, testing, manufacturing, marketing, and after sale service for a variety of solar thermal, PV product and technologies all in one.

As an important part of Himin Solar Energy Group, Himin Clean Energy Holdings Company Ltd. (Himin PV) manufactures and supplies a wide variety of high performance and high quality solar panels, solar lights, solar cookers, solar pumps and solar home appliances. With 17-year experience in solar pv industry, we supply professional and suitable solar power solutions for residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial, school, hospital, airport and PV plant use. We can customize products according to specific requirements as well.

Himin PV always believes that quality and grade ensure users' sustainability. Clients can rest assured, As our products are highly qualified and have obtained TUV, CE, IEC, UL, MCS certificates. The high quality and high performance of our products, and an annual production capacity of 200 MW solar panels and 10,000 solar lights, have brought Himin PV products a high reputation and popularity abroad. Himin PV has sold solar products to over 40 countries and regions, including Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Britain, Mexico, Australia, India, Kenya, Singapore and others, and we have established partnerships with local utilities departments, solar distributors, solar developers, solar power system integrators and installers.

Himin PV has become one of the largest solar product manufacturers and suppliers in the world. Our company welcomes global customers to visit us in Himin Solar Valley, Dezhou City, Shandong province, China. We are looking forward to developing long term partnerships with you to build a green, healthy world through the extension and adoption of solar energy together.

Achievements and Honors

In February, 2003, the first solar light technology testing center in China was established by Himin, which also meant the foundation of the solar lighting standards. Himin ensured safe performance through its effective testing techniques and comprehensive testing equipment.

In June 2003, Himin built the first professional solar light factory in China, and Himin also built the industry's first solar lights industrialized system.

In October, 2004, Himin solar street lights were installed on the 104 China national road up to 10 kilometers. This was the longest solar street light road in the world, which meant the beginning of the age of solar light's large-scale application in cities.

In May, 2005, Himin supplied 3.5MW solar panels to a 3.5MW solar plant in Germany. With its superior performance and quality, Himin solar panel became the first choice of many famous international purchasers, solar distributors, solar developers, solar power system integrators, and installers.

In December, 2006, Himin broke the limit of solar power system application in low temperatures, and for the first time, a solar power system was brought to the Antarctic to support scientific expedition. Himin made the continual operation of a solar power system in -75℃ a reality.

In December, 2007, the "China solar lighting application technology forum" launched by Himin was held in China's solar city, Dezhou City, which was a significant meeting, where solar lighting style replaced conventional lighting in China.

In May, 2008, a flexible solar panel was successfully developed by Himin, with a flexibility of 5%, which created a new field of crystalline silicon application.

In July, 2008, the world's largest Micro row & energy saving building-Sun-Moon Mansion was completed, which integrated solar water heater supply, solar heating, solar refrigeration, and an on-grid solar power system.

In September, 2009, the chairman of Himin solar group, Mr. Huang Ming, was selected to be the vice president of the international solar energy society.

In November, 2009, the first solar energy research institute, the international solar energy technique science academy, was established in China's solar valley.

In December, 2009, as the representative of renewable energy industry, Himin was invited to the 2010 Shanghai World Expo and installed a 65 KW solar power system for London's ZED Pavilion.

In December, 2009, as the first invited solar photovoltaic enterprise, Himin entered into China's corporation pavilion with its BIPV. Also, Himin's photovoltaic sculpture "Enzer", "Arbor", and "Canopy" were selected to show in the Shanghai World Expo as the image of a Dynamic World.

In September, 2010, The 4th ISCI world congress was held in China's solar valley.

In December, 2011, the Chairman of Himin Solar Group Mr. Huang Ming, was honored with "The right livelihood award", which was also called the Alternative Nobel Prize. He became the first Chinese person to win this award.

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