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Himin photovoltaic is actively initiating the solar lighting standards with a set of strict standards of its own on product design, production and testing, aiming solely on offering consumers the safest and the most useful photovoltaic lighting products.

Himin outdoor solar light history
The first off grid solar light came into birth in May, 2002;

On February 6, 2003, the first production line and factory of solar lighting in China was established by Himin. We built the first comprehensive solar industrialization system in China and its product capacity is ten thousand sets per year;

October, 2004, the longest solar light road in the world was completed by Himinon 104 main stem, which meant the age of solar light's large-scale application on city's main stem was coming;

October, 2005, new BIPV product appeared at the international solar photovoltaic congress, leading the energy saving and lighting industry to a new age;

February, 2007, Himin played a main part in the formulation of the national standard of solar lighting. This is the first national standard of the solar photovoltaic lighting;

September, 2008, Sun-Moon Mansion 150kw s BIPV project and lighting system began to work;

December, 2009, as the representative of renewable energy industry, Himin was invited to 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Himin's photovoltaic sculpture "Enzer","Arbor" and "Canopy" were selected to show in Shanghai World Expo as the image of Dynamic World;

September, 2010, The 4th ISCI world congress was hold here, where the solar outdoor lighting products made solar valley more brightening.

Himin outdoor light products include solar street light, solar garden light, solar landscape light dance series, solar lawn light, solar traffic lights and so on.

Outdoor solar street lights

Outdoor solar street lights series
Himin solar street light comes with its reasonable and tailored design, beautiful style and strict quantity control system, which guarantee the long term, reliable operation and the perfect combination with road landscape in city, village, community and scenic spots.

Outdoor solar garden light

Outdoor solar garden light series
Himin solar garden lights have beautiful modeling with colorful and diverse lighting design, so they can beautify the city, courtyard, community, park and scenic spots. The lights can also be designed according to the users' special requirements.

Outdoor solar garden light

Outdoor solar lawn light series
Sculpture-type sculpt not only fully demonstrates the art beauty of lawn lamps but also enriches the connotation of lawn lamps.

Outdoor solar landscape light dance

Outdoor solar landscape light dance series
Mixing vivid dance images with the photovoltaic lighting technology, our outdoor solar landscape light dance series can bring you a sense of artistry. They also integrate with costume customs of minority.

Outdoor solar underground light

Outdoor solar underground light series
With compact appearance and colorful light source, the outdoor solar underground light can pave a certain pattern to decorate night lighting. The stainless steel body and non-slip glass also bring high performance.

Outdoor solar traffic light

Outdoor solar traffic light series
With high-brightness LED as the light source, Himin solar traffic lights are safe, energy saving and easy to be installed. They are extensively used as road traffic light to effectively prevent traffic accidents.

We are an outdoor solar light manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as polycrystalline photovoltaic module, solar PV system, solar lawn light, solar power photovoltaic plant, and much more.

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