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  • Black Solar Module The appearance of black solar modules is very easy to be coordinated with the environment around the architecture, especially in building photovoltaic integrated projects. The solar module won't reflect in the sunshine and doesn't affect vision. In order to meet the special requirements of customers, we designed our products to generate the greatest amount of solar electricity per solar cell. Himin black solar module can capture more sunshine because our professional technicians create a streamlined design that blends harmoniously ...
  • Off-Grid Solar Module As a leader in the photovoltaic industry, our company's off grid solar system adopts high-performance solar modules and components. According to the output power, the products can be divided into HG-10S, HG-15S, HG-25S, HG-35S, HG-50S, HG-65S, HG-70S, HG-100S and HG-150S model, etc, with power ranging from 10W to 150W, output rated voltage of 18V. So off-grid solar module can effectively meet electricity demands of remote areas and areas where power grid can not reach. The good performance of our solar modules...

With high quality workmanship, and robust construction, our manufacturing process is defined by world-class technologies. We produce solar modules which are trusted around the world for their high performance, quality, and reliability.

Himin solar modules are designed according to the double standards of International Electrotechnical Commission IEC61215:2005 and Hollow Glass National standard GB/T1994-2002. The products have passed adequate testing and verification to ensure the high quality and high performance. Using high-quality silicon solar cell, and high conversion efficiency, solar module features with high mechanical strength, it can withstand the impact, vibration and other stresses during transportation, installation and use, with excellent anti-corrosion and wind-proof, waterproof and hail-proof capabilities. Our product adopts new packaging ways --- double-layer glass hollow packaging structure, and cancels the application of EVA and other plastic materials to ensure the high life expectancy (designed life of the solar modules is not less than 25 years).

High-efficiency solar cell ensures the high performance and creates more electricity in peak hours. The anti-reflecting coating and high-transmission rate glass increases the power output and mechanical strength of solar module. The anodized frame which has torsion resistance and corrosion resistance ensures the dependable performance, even in harsh weather conditions. The lightweight and pre-drilled mounting holes make the module easy for installation. The solar module also has a water-resistant junction box. In addition, it is designed specially to meet customer's demands for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

We are a China-based solar module manufacturer and supplier. We also offer monocrystalline solar module, polycrystalline photovoltaic module, solar street light, solar flashlight, and more.

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