Solar Cooker

Solar Cooker

The solar cooker can transform solar energy into heat, use heat to process products and then reduce traditional fuel consumption. There is also no need to worry about gas threatening people's lives. So our product is power saving, money saving and convenient. It can realize steaming, boiling, frying and toasting cooking processes. Without pollution, smoking or oil crusting when cooking, the solar cooker is the gift from nature.

Product feature
The solar cooker is independent design, double shafts and holographic sun tracking system. So they are easy to operate and have high efficiency. Using imported reflecting material, the light spot reflectors have high efficiency and good effects.

Vacuum tubes are Himin's high end products, which have high absorption rate, high vacuum rate and long life film. The performance is higher than any other similar products all over the world. Among them the vacuum tube has high performance of heat insulation.

The reflector concentrates the sunlight on vacuum tube and heats the food in vacuum tube. In the vacuum tube, the settled grill can carry the food, be whirled in the tube and move longitudinally to add flavor. The temperature of the grill can be 300-400℃.

Heat pipe collectors are Himin's creative products. their advantages are as follows: there is no water in glass tubes, totally having solved problems of freezing in winter and idling in summer. The heat is transformed under gas in heat pipe. The liquid phase change and heat resistance is little. The starting speed is high as the products have high heat conduction ability.

Structure diagram

Our solar cookers are mainly suitable for tourism sight spot, resorts, restaurants, white collar, traveling people, big balcony residence and village, the villa zone of large-middle cities, middle-small cities, rural area, and forest zone, etc.

As a specialized solar cooker manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide solar communication base station, solar cooker, monocrystalline photovoltaic module, solar street light, and more.

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