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  • Solar BackpackWith our solar backpack you can charge your mobile phone and other digital products conveniently at any time and any place. The solar backpack is especially suitable for emergency situations. You can keep calling for 100-150 minutes after charging your mobile phone for 60 minutes.
    Solar panel: monocrystalline,2W
    Output Voltage: 5V...
  • Solar Powered Air Conditioning ClothingOur solar powered air conditioning clothing has the solar panel that can charge the built-in lithium ion battery to power the two fans fixed on the back of cloth, to air cool the human body. There are four fanning levels for option, and the wearer can choose the most comfortable level according the ambient temperature.
    Cloth material: Decron
    Duration of continuous work: 8-10 hours (5V) ...
  • Solar ChargerModel: Solar charger-C801
    Output voltage: 5.8V/7.8V/9.8V
    Output current: 350-50mA
    Charging mode: It can be charged by solar power, computer and adapter
    Function: This product is a new solar multi-function & multipurpose charger which can be applicable...
  • Solar Powered ToysMaterial: timber
    Power of solar battery: 0.15w
    Size: 15*8.5*8.5cm
    Weight: 100g
    Color: red/yellow/green/blue/self-colored
  • Solar Desk LampSolar desk lamp-HG(ST)04
    Solar panel: Mono-crystalline silicon of 4V/60mA
    Battery: Replaceable Nickel-Cadmium battery with 2*600mAh
    Material: ABS plastic
    Light source: 20 ultra bright white light LEDs of desk lamp & 1 ultra bright white light LED of torch.
  • Solar Powered Lantern LampOur solar powered lantern lamp has the functions of LED illumination, AM/FM radio, alarm, and charger. It can provide a convenient lighting solution for going out at night.
    Manual generating: One minute of hand turning can drive the lantern to work for five minutes
    Lamp life: >10000h
    Dimensions: 175×83×98mm ...
  • Solar Powered Flashlight / TorchThe radio frequency range: AM/540~1600kHz,FM/88~108MHz
    Material: thermoplasticity ABS resin
    Battery: built-in rechargeable batteries with 3 pieces AA dry cells.
    Charging mode: solar charge, hand generator charge
    Accessory: charging adapter, connecting line and baldric ...
  • Solar Powered Commodity SuppliesThe solar sun jar is a beautiful indoor decoration that can transfer the solar power into electric power, and emit light in the dark environment
    Color of light: 7 colors of Rainbow
    Light resource: Ultra bright LED
    Working time: 8 hours' charging for 6 hours' continuous work ...

Climate mart products are practical, economical, and environmentally friendly with cute form, making power from sun energy. The working principle is generating electricity through solar photovoltaic modules under sunshine and then directly supplying power for the load.

Himin climate mart products are highly praised by consumers with the unique shape, high performance and fine quality, long lifespan, light and convenient characteristics. They are sold very well in Europe, America, Korea, South Africa and Brazil.

New type of climate mart products such as environmentally friendly and energy saving LED lamp, which has elegant shapes and serves as mobile lighting for industrial and mining areas, enterprises, families, rural nomadic areas and tourist areas. Solar toys are extremely favored by kids and also help kids cultivate their good values of using sun energy and protecting environment. At the same time, solar chargers, solar backpack and solar hats are popular among hiking travelers fascinating outdoors sports.

As a specialized climate mart products manufacturer based in China, our company offers a wide array of products that includes polycrystalline photovoltaic module, solar lantern, solar power photovoltaic plant, solar flashlight, and more.

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