Solar Powered Toys

Our solar powered toy can instantly move forward or backward, and turn left or right. The headlight and taillight can be on or off just like the real traffic tools. The solar power can drive the toy far longer by simultaneous charging. Our solar toys can teach the kids the significance of science and technology, and how to protect the energy recourse and our eco-environment, when they are playing.

  • Solar Powered Remote Controlled Benz Car Model
    Remote control distance: 10m
    Weight: 0.71KG
    Dimensions: 325×140×130mm
    Packing specification: 445×192×230mm
  • Solar Powered Remote Controlled Aircraft Carrier Model
    Weight: 1.2KG
    Dimensions: 76×15×21cm
    Packing specification: 83×18×17cm
  • Solar Powered Remote Controlled Warship Model
    Remote control distance: 20 m
    Weight: 0.7KG
    Dimensions: 58×18×26cm
    Packing specification: 63×20×28cm
  • Solar Powered Remote Hummer Model
    Remote control distance: 30m
    Weight: 2.5KG
    Ratio of model to real: 1:8
  • Solar Powered Remote Controlled Bus Model
    Remote control distance: 10m
    Weight: 0.8KG
    Ratio of model to real: 1:14
  • Solar Powered Remote Controlled Fire Truck Model
    Remote control distance: 10m
    Weight: 0.8KG
    Ratio of model to real: 1:14
  • Solar Powered Windmill
    Base size: 100×100mm
    Rod length: 190mm
    Blade length: 100mm
    Material: wood
  • Solar powered helicopter toys
    Material: timber
    Power of solar battery: 0.15w
    Size: 15*8.5*8.5cm
    Weight: 100g
    Color: red/yellow/green/blue/self-colored
    Package: colored cardboard box
    Instruction: With it's style, it can be a beautiful ornament in office and car and the airscrew will spin under sun.
  • Solar mini toy car
    Dimensions: 60×120×80mm
    Brief: With lifelike shape, high lucency material and high efficiency solar power, the solar mini toy car is a great toy used to inspire and educate children.
    Note: Put it on dry place and avoid rain and water.
  • Solar powered windmill toys
    Material: timber
    Instruction: A New style elegant decorations at home and office.
    Power of solar battery: 0.2w
    Size: base10*10*1cm/vanes 9.8cm/height29.5cm/width16.5cm
    Weight: 200g
    Color: self-colored
    Package: colored paperboard box

As a specialized solar powered toys manufacturer in China, we provide a vast array of products that includes rooftop on-grid solar power photovoltaic system, solar charger, solar power water pump, solar cooker, among others.

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