Solar Torch

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

  • Solar Torch
  • Solar torch-HG(ST)01
    Dimension: 55×150mm
    Lamp: 3 units LED
    Battery: 4 units 1.2V battery with capability of 400mA
    Work time: 6 hours of charge-time under the sun with 4 working hours
    Material: ABS plastic and silvery paint.
    Note: Put it on dry place and avoid water and rain.
  • Solar multi-function torch-HG(ST)02
    Solar panel: 5.5v/40mA
    The radio frequency range: FM88-108MHz, AM540-1600KHz
    Light service life: More than 100000h
    Speaker's rated output power: More than 100mW
    Power consumption: Less than 0.5w
    Charging mode: It can be charged by solar power, computer USB interface, hand dynamo and external power.
    Function: lighting, radio(AM/FM), alarm, charging cell phone.
  • Solar torch-HG(ST)02
    Dimension: 115×70×230mm
    Lamp: 3 units LED
    Battery: 4 units 1.2V battery with capability of 400mA
    Work time: If fully charged under the sun it can be used for 8-10 hours
    Material: ABS plastic
    Radiation diameter:2m
    Function: lighting
  • Solar torch-T588C
    Material: Anodic oxidation of high-strength aluminum alloy
    length: 193mm,
    Head diameter: 39mm
    Battery: Nickel-Cadmium battery of 4×400mA
    Range: 100m
    Visibility: 2km
    Function: lighting, charging cell phone, Mp3, Mp4, DV, digital camera etc
  • Solar torch-HG(ST)06
    Solar panel: Mono-crystalline silicon,5V/60mA
    Battery: Nickel-Cadmium battery,3*600mAh
    Material: Aluminium alloy
    Light source: With 7 ultra bright focusing LED lights its work life will be 100,000 hours.
    Range: 50m
    Visibility: 2km
    Charging time: 6-8 hours
    Lighting time: 6 hours
    Function: Lighting
Himinpv is a professional solar torch manufacturer in China. Our company offers a broad range of products, including solar communication base station, solar flashlight, monocrystalline photovoltaic module, solar street light, among others.
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