Solar Car Parking

Solar car parking is an efficiency way to use solar energy. By placing the solar panels on the rooftop of car parking the solar car parking not only can decorate the parking but also can shade for vehicles. The electricity produced by solar panels can be supplied to family or building and gain economic benefits by selling the excess electricity to the state grid.

  • Solar Car Parking
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    Installed capacity: 300KW (1200 pieces of poly 250W solar panel)
    Site selection: On the rooftop of car parking, USA
    Power generation capacity: 438,000KWH/year
    Installed time: In May, 2011

The solar car parking produced by our company is with solar modules and parking sheds together.
This product adopts solar collectors and photovoltaic panels to shade for buildings. So the building is cool in summer and warm in winter. It's very comfortable and energy saving. At the same time, with unique design our solar car parking can also charge for electrical bicycles and electrical vehicles except daily on grid generation. It's very convenient to supplement the electricity for the vehicle at any time. In addition, by the latest solar parking structure design basis our products can transform traditional shelters into solar car parking with the minimal transformation of the surface of the parking sheds. Our photovoltaic parking features unique design, excellent quality and perfect service. Our products have been favored by customers and exported to Europe and the United States.

Our company is a specialized solar car parking manufacturer in China. Besides solar power water pump, solar street light, we also provide solar power photovoltaic plant, solar flashlight, among others.

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