Solar Power Photovoltaic Plant

The electricity produced by solar power photovoltaic plant is directly accessed into the state grid. At present, building solar power photovoltaic plant is the most important and common way in solar power using. The photovoltaic plants are usually built in wasteland like desert, saline-alkaline land and mountainous regions to generate electricity in large scale. The electricity generated by solar power plant is very helpful for the pressure on electricity supply.

  • Solar Power Photovoltaic Plant
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    Installed capacity: 10MW (40,000 pieces of poly 250W solar panel)
    Site selection: Spain
    Power generation capacity: 14,600,000KWH /year
    Installed time: In July, 2009

Our company is a world leading solar power photovoltaic plant manufacturer with experience of research, development, design and manufacturing. The products from our company are photovoltaic power plant and solar thermal power plant. Of them the solar thermal power plant has solar power tower plant (also called centralized system) and Fresnel solar power plant. Our company has independent intellectual property rights for the high temperature linear Fresnel thermal power plant. And we have many patents in the manufacturing process of high-reflectivity and high-precision condenser, high temperature heat-absorbing pipe, Fresnel heat-absorbing pipe, etc. Solar thermal power generation technology is developed by our company and the core components such as heliostats, slot coated steel pipes and slot condensers are produced independently. The components have reached the international advanced level.

Himinpv is a professional solar power photovoltaic plant manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including solar car parking, polycrystalline photovoltaic module, rooftop on-grid solar power photovoltaic system, and much more.

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