Solar Communication Base Station

Solar Communication Base Station

Solar communication base station is adapted in remote and non-electric areas. This technology makes full use of solar energy to provide the areas which are short of electricity with timely communication and information. It not only saves both manpower and materials, but also realizes the sustainable development of information and communication industry.

Engineering Projects
Installed capacity: 1.2KW (60 pieces of mono 200W solar panel)
Site selection: Information communicate station, Afghanistan
Power generation capacity: 1,752KWH/year
Installed time: In June, 2008

The solar communication base station takes solar radiation as energy source and provide electricity for the base station by the PV modules. The station not only helps to save energy but also improves large scale coverage of the communications network. With years of photovoltaic system R & D, design and production experience, our company has the products produced by the solar cell panel, solar system controller, storage battery and switch power, etc. Our solar communication base station has unique design, high quality hardware, high performance solar panel, supporting maintenance-free special battery, inverters and computer controller with overcharge and over discharge protection, etc. With beautiful appearance, safe and efficient performance, lightning protection module and no need for manual maintenance, our solar communication station is significantly better than similar products. The wireless communication system has been exported overseas. For example, 1.2KW (60 pieces of 200W monocrystalline silicon solar cell panels) base station with a installed capacity of 1752KWH / year was installed in June 2008 in Afghanistan. Except the standardized products, we can also provide you with systematic solutions depending on the communication equipments of your base station.

As a specialized solar communication base station manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a variety of products, including solar power photovoltaic plant, solar cooker, monocrystalline photovoltaic module, solar charger, and more.

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