Solar Light

  • Solar Street Light Our solar street light comes with high-performance smart charge and discharge control system, advanced optical control and time control techniques. Designed with non-contact control technology and system integration anti-recoil reverse function, the solar light is not only a real solution of the problem of solar lighting for urban trunk road, but also more suitable for the existing road lighting projects.
    Also the solar street light has nice shape, whose battery is with gel batteries. The light pole is designed ...
  • Solar Garden Light Solar garden lights have elegant appearance with colorful and varied lighting design and chic light body design. The light can decorate city, garden, community, park, square and tourist attraction. Our solar lights adopt intelligent infrared sensor control technology with optional time control, so the lights can be turned on and off automatically. The LED light source features super long lifespan with semi-conductor chip. Without filament and glass bulb, the lights are unbreakable and have no fear of shake. Their useful time is more than 5000 hours..
  • Solar Lawn Light The light source of our solar lawn light is energy-saving lamp or LED. Also it can be realized cycle color, giving movement and life. Our solar light adopts nickel-metal hydride battery with high-energy rechargeable batteries or gel batteries. The light material adopts nanotechnology, engineering plastics, cast aluminum, aluminum profile and stainless steel, etc. According to customer requirements, we can choose the surface color and electrical configuration...
  • Solar Landscape Light Our solar landscape light has strong innovative and visual impact. The design adopts culture elements of classic dance and national costume of the Dai nationality, Tibetan nationality and other national minority. The combination of dynamic dance and solar lighting technology brings technology and art together perfectly. The lights are sculptures in daytime and lights at night.
    The solar landscape light realizes the alternation from color beauty to dynamic beauty and solve...
  • Wind Solar Hybrid Light Wind solar hybrid light is a kind of renewable energy lighting product with good adaptability and practicability. Combining solar and wind together, has the advantages of operating in all weathers and high utilization efficiency of solar and wind energy.
    The system switches and regulates the state of storage battery according to the change of sun radiation, wind speed and load, making it alternate run under the conditions of charging, discharging and floating charge...
  • Solar Underground Light Our solar underground light comes with compact appearance. Choosing colorful light source, the light can pave a certain pattern. It not only decorative night lighting but also play a role. This solar light is suitable for city building such as gardens, villas, squares, commercial walking streets and park beautification, etc.
    The stainless steel body with non-slip glass ensures compression and impact performance. With closed structure and silicon rubber gasket sealing materials, our solar underground light can resist heat and aging...

Eight major advantages of solar light
1. Green and environmental protection-green power supply and green light source.
2. Energy saving and high efficiency- With solar modules our solar light can convert solar radiation energy into electricity without any additional energy supply and the operational process is cost-effective, without any emissions or pollution.
3. High quality- Advanced production and testing equipments and finest raw materials ensure the high reliability and stability of our products' performance. So clients can feel secure in purchasing our solar lights.
4. High brightness -The lighting supply adopts solar modules with high conversion rate. With the best lighting angles design, the lighting supply can provide adequate power for high efficiency lights , best lighting effects and build a shining city on the new card.
5. Long lifespan - Himin's battery modules have a lifespan up to 25 years, so clients can acquire long-term benefits with one investment.
6. High intelligence - Our light switches can be controlled automatically and achieve unattended operation. Solar lights of collector streets can reduce their output power in order to save energy in the night when there are few pedestrians.
7. High security-Our lights are low-voltage products, whose voltage is only 12V or 24V. So there is no risk of electric shock and no harm to the body. The light comes with high strength connection between the lamp bodies and the wind resistant level is 12.
8. Convenience - The installation is simple and our light can eliminate dead lighting angles without trenching wiring. The light also can be installed according to the terrain.

As a professional solar light manufacturer and supplier in China, we also produce solar street light, rooftop on-grid solar power photovoltaic system, solar lawn light, solar power photovoltaic plant, among others.

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