Portable Solar PV Power System

Portable Solar PV Power System

Our portable solar PV power system can output AC and DC concurrent and stably supply power for various AC electric appliances like TV sets, mobile phones, VCD, laptops, electric tools and 12V DC electric appliances with the ability of meeting diversified needs of users.

The solar PV power system is convenient, practical and easy to operate, and can intelligently display remaining power. The system serves several purposes and can be placed separately. It's convenient to carry, use, and can not only light but also start vehicles when necessary. The power box is highly shock-resistant with a special protective layer inside. The box is damp proof and corrosion proof. It can work for a long time with the surface processed through plastics spraying.

Model HDY400
Peak power of solar module 25W
Peak voltage of solar module 18V
Storage battery voltage 12V
Output voltage AC220V/DC12V
Continuous output power 320W
Lighting duration The system includes an emergency DC energy-saving lamp, which can last 35 hours

As a specialized portable solar PV power system manufacturer and supplier in China, Himinpv also provides solar power photovoltaic plant, rooftop on-grid solar PV power system, solar cooker, solar flashlight, and more.

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