Solar Powered Commodity Supplies

  • Solar Sun Jar
    The solar sun jar is a beautiful indoor decoration that can transfer the solar power into electric power, and emit light in the dark environment
    Color of light: 7 colors of Rainbow
    Light resource: Ultra bright LED
    Working time: 8 hours' charging for 6 hours' continuous work.
  • Hand Power Generating Camping Hammer
    Our hand power generating camping hammer can also be used as emergency illumination tool and rope cutter that ensure the safety of outdoor activities.
    Material: ABS
    Usage situation: Daily usage, camping, hiking, mountaineering
  • Solar Wrist Watch
    The solar wrist watch is in no need of battery. As long as its surface contact the sun lights, the watch hand can start to run. The solar power is more than enough to run the watch. This product is environment friendly and nice looking. It is very popular in office worker.
    Diameter of watch band: 4.5cm;
    Weight: 56.0g
  • Solar Radio
    Dimensions: 130×73×41mm
    Weight: 203g
    Usage situations: Daily usage, traveling, business trip
  • Solar ipad Charger Pack
    Our solar ipad charger pack has the fashionable appearance. It can serve as both the protector and charger of ipad.
    Material: cow leather
    Dimensions: 255×205×19mm
    Weight: 840g
    Usage situation: Daily usage, business trip, traveling
  • Solar Tent
    The solar tent is quite useful to those who love the camping. It consists of many camping devices, such like the portable battery, solar panel, lamp, fan, etc.
    Dimensions: 290×210×190CM
    Structure: Double layer
    Light resource: 3WLED
    Fan power: 12V DC
    Usage situation: camping, traveling
  • Overall dimension: 35×55×5mm
    Material: thermoplasticity and ABS plastic
    Function: key ring and auxiliary lighting
    As a professional solar key ring manufacturer and supplier in China, our company offers polycrystalline photovoltaic module, solar backpack, solar lawn light, solar power photovoltaic plant, and much more.
  • Solar hat takes solar energy as motive power. It has novel appearance and easy to carry. When the solar panel is under the sunlight, the solar hat can drive the fan to move. The speed of the fan depends on the intensity of sunshine.
    The solar hat is particularly suitable for outdoor activities in summer, like traveling & on business, fishing & mountaineering, golf, field operations, games or advertising etc.
    As a specialized solar hat manufacturer and supplier in China, we also provide solar communication base station, solar cooker, monocrystalline photovoltaic module, solar street light, and more.

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