Solar Powered Flashlight / Torch

  • HM-ST01 Model
    This HM-ST01 solar powered flashlight has the lamp formed by twelve LED beads. It has the functions of FM radio, hand electricity generating, flash alarming, etc. People can use this product to charge different digital products. It has a base that allows it to be placed onto desk as a desk lamp.
    Dimensions: 295×100×100mm
    Weight: 365g
  • HM-S02 Model
    The HM-S02 solar powered torch has a simple appearance design, and the LED with the ultrahigh brightness. It is the optimal illumination solution for household and traveling.
    Dimensions: 40×200mm
    Shell material: Aluminum alloy
    Charging method: Solar, 110V/220V AC power, Car charging
  • HM-SS01 Model
    The HM-SS01 solar powered flashlight is a concentration of solar charging, hand charging, and wireless radio. It is outstanding because of the streamlined appearance and multifunction.
    Dimensions: 160×45×60mm
    Material: ABS/PS
    Usage situations: Daily usage, camping, hiking, mountaineering.
  • Solar torch-HG(ST)01
    Dimension: 55×150mm
    Lamp: 3 units LED
    Battery: 4 units 1.2V battery with capability of 400mA
    Work time: 6 hours of charge-time under the sun with 4 working hours
    Material: ABS plastic and silvery paint.
    Note: Put it on dry place and avoid water and rain.
  • Solar multi-function torch-HG(ST)02
    Solar panel: 5.5v/40mA
    The radio frequency range: FM88-108MHz, AM540-1600KHz
    Light service life: More than 100000h
    Speaker's rated output power: More than 100mW
    Power consumption: Less than 0.5w
    Charging mode: It can be charged by solar power, computer USB interface, hand dynamo and external power.
    Function: lighting, radio(AM/FM), alarm, charging cell phone.
  • Solar torch-HG(ST)02
    Dimension: 115×70×230mm
    Lamp: 3 units LED
    Battery: 4 units 1.2V battery with capability of 400mA
    Work time: If fully charged under the sun it can be used for 8-10 hours
    Material: ABS plastic
    Radiation diameter:2m
    Function: lighting
  • Solar torch-T588C
    Material: Anodic oxidation of high-strength aluminum alloy
    length: 193mm,
    Head diameter: 39mm
    Battery: Nickel-Cadmium battery of 4×400mA
    Range: 100m
    Visibility: 2km
    Function: lighting, charging cell phone, Mp3, Mp4, DV, digital camera etc
  • Solar torch-HG(ST)06
    Solar panel: Mono-crystalline silicon,5V/60mA
    Battery: Nickel-Cadmium battery,3*600mAh
    Material: Aluminium alloy
    Light source: With 7 ultra bright focusing LED lights its work life will be 100,000 hours.
    Range: 50m
    Visibility: 2km
    Charging time: 6-8 hours
    Lighting time: 6 hours
    Function: Lighting
  • The radio frequency range: AM/540~1600kHz,FM/88~108MHz
    Material: thermoplasticity ABS resin
    Battery: built-in rechargeable batteries with 3 pieces AA dry cells.
    Charging mode: solar charge, hand generator charge
    Accessory: charging adapter, connecting line and baldric.
    Generator: hand generator (output 4.5v/400mAh), Bi-directional rotation type.
    Function: LED lighting, AM/FM radio, fluorescent lamp, annunciator, mobile phone charging, hand charging.

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