Solar Powered Lantern Lamp

  • Multifunctional Solar Powered Lantern Lamp
    Our solar powered lantern lamp has the functions of LED illumination, AM/FM radio, alarm, and charger. It can provide a convenient lighting solution for going out at night.
    Manual generating: One minute of hand turning can drive the lantern to work for five minutes
    Lamp life: >10000h
    Dimensions: 175×83×98mm
  • New Solar Powered Lantern Lamp
    Our solar powered hand lamp is the gift Chinese government presents to the Tibet for celebrating the 60 years' event. We designed it independently. This product has the functions of LED illumination, charging the small electronic and compass. It has nice appearance, and can be used easily.
    Dimensions: 165×167×315mm
    Shell material: ABS
  • Solar Lantern-HG(SL)01
    Our solar lantern-HG(SL)01 comes with 6 LED light source, two chargeable and replaceable Ni-mHAA600mAh/1.2V batteries, five hours' charging time and six hours' lighting time. The solar panel is mono-crystalline silicon and the material is ABS plastic.
    The lamp can be used in reading, camping, emergent and decoration conditions.
  • Solar lantern-HG(SL)02 (China Government Designated Products for Tibet support)
    Our solar lantern-HG(SL)02 features two-sided and 2.6W monocrystalline silicon solar panel, ABS plastic material and light source of ten LED whose power is 0~2W. With Nickel-Cadmium and 6.4V/2.2Ah battery, the charging time is 8 hours under sunlight and 4-5hours by 220V electricity. The lighting time is 6-8hours. The voltage is 220V of AC input and 5V of DC output.
    The solar lantern can be applied in lighting, charging cell phone, Mp3, Mp4, DV, digital camera, etc. In addition, it can be used as a compass.

Our company is a China-based solar lantern manufacturer. We provide a vast range of products, including rooftop on-grid solar power photovoltaic system, solar torch, solar power water pump, solar cooker, and much more.

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