BIPV Module

BIPV Module

BIPV module is a new concept for solar power generation. Briefly speaking, the solar module array is installed in the maintenance surface of buildings to supply electricity.

Building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) system can make enough use of construction space and save land. In this way, BIPV module can lead the public to change the traditional concept and make the green and energy saving as main stream of construction development. This type of photovoltaic module can also reduce the use of common energy, produce clean energy, improve the life environment and get the environmental benefit for long term.
Photovoltaic building can get benefits for many years with once investment, so it can be a long-term investment item with considerable economic benefits.

Our company can produce and supply kinds of BIPV modules; they are widely used in building outside wall, curtain wall, daylighting ceiling, PV sunshade, UV protection, noise-reducing, LED lighting and so on. With the production and test technologies of high quality solar modules, the advanced hollow combining technology and international patented Magnetron Sputtering coating technology, Himin photovoltaic module has win wide recognition in domestic and overseas market.

We can design, produce and install the modules according to customers' purposes and requirements, so that the BIPV can bring much more benefits.

The BIPV is building integrated PV. Unlike ordinary solar modules, BIPV modules are not attached to buildings, in which junction boxes, bypass diodes and cables are integrated into the curtain walls. This kind of building integrated photovoltaic system needn't additional space or other facilities, so it's especially suitable for densely populated areas. For this reason, our company specially launched a series of photovoltaic modules with high performance. Our BIPV module features higher mechanical properties than ordinary modules, which makes it not only meet the performance requirements of the PV modules, but also meet the three experimental requirements of the curtain wall and safety requirements of buildings. Our photovoltaic modules include the BIPV Wenping PV modules, BIPV Shuangbo PV modules and BIPV Mantianxing PV modules, etc. Among them the BIPV Wenping PV module adopts float tempered glass instead of the TPT backplane as that the TPT backplane is easy to aging, greatly extending the lifespan of PV modules and owning the role of lighting. BIPV Shuangbo PV module adopts a unique lamination process, having solved professional problems such as the bubbles' shifting problem in the lamination process. BIPV Mantianxing PV module is the perfect combination of the LED and BIPV, which integrates generating electricity, lighting and decorative lighting. Welcome customers to pick out and buy.

As a China-based BIPV module manufacturer and supplier in China, Himinpv also provides solar light, polycrystalline photovoltaic module, rooftop on-grid solar power photovoltaic system, solar cooker, and much more.

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