Off-Grid Photovoltaic Module

Himin Clean Energy can provide customers with the most diverse off-grid photovoltaic modules (from 10W to 150 W), which are suitable for all types of off-grid applications, such as communication, drawing water and lighting facilities in remote mountainous areas. Off-grid system can provide electricity for the areas that power-grid can not reach. Tens of thousands off-grid domestic systems have been used in Europe, America, Asia and other countries, and brought light to the residents of the villages.

SN Type No. Dimension(mm) Rated power (W) Voltage at rated power(V)
Off-Grid Photovoltaic Module HG-10S 330×282×35 10 18
HG-15S 455×282×35 15 18
HG-25S 643×282×35 25 18
HG-35S 576×410×35 35 18
HG-50S 633×536×35 50 18
HG-65S 830×536×35 65 18
HG-70S 830×536×35 70 18
HG-100S 1195×542×35 100 18
HG-150S 1209×808×35 150 18

For remote areas the grid can not reach, this series of off-grid photovoltaic module is an ideal kind of power generation equipment. It can work independently without the grid and make use of the inexhaustible solar energy. So the off-grid solar PV module can alleviate electricity shortages and solve the problems of life and communication in remote areas. This series of photovoltaic module owns high mechanical strength and the ability to withstand kinds of impacts during the transportation, installation, and use. It features high sealing performance, rain and corrosion resistance, etc. Also it can withstand high intensity ultraviolet radiation and humidity, which ensure our products' high performance in a variety of severe environments. We can provide customers with a variety of off-grid photovoltaic modules, whose rated powers range from 10W to 150W. So they can meet all kinds of off-grid applications. Our photovoltaic modules all have passed accurate electrical testing, with a smaller power tolerance. They have also passed hi-pot test, testing the pressure resistance and insulation strength of the modules by applying a certain voltage, to ensure that the modules won't be damaged in harsh natural conditions.

Our company is a specialized off-grid photovoltaic module manufacturer in China. We offer a wide array of products, including BIPV module, solar power photovoltaic plant, monocrystalline photovoltaic module, solar lawn light, and more.

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