Black Photovoltaic Module EU STOCK IS AVAILABLE

The appearance of black photovoltaic modules are very easy to be coordinated with the environment around the architecture, especially suitable for building photovoltaic integrated projects and won't reflect in the sunshine or affect vision. In order to meet the special requirements of customers, we designed black solar modules to generate the greatest amount of solar electricity per solar cell. The photovoltaic modules can capture more sunshine; our professional technicians create a streamlined design that blends harmoniously into the roof of your home. This refined design allows our residential solar systems to integrate with a wide range of environments and architectural styles.

And we have always working on reducing costs and increasing efficiency to give customers best support.

Himin black photovoltaic modules are produced by automatic production lines to avoid any possible artificial defects. The high quality solar cells and the professional temperature control system in production process can make sure our PV modules with the highest fill factor, and then assure the high power and efficiency. The photovoltaic modules are made of world famous A-class solar cells which provide stable performance, so all modules are with 3% positive tolerance in power. The modules are made in black back sheet and black frame. They can provide perfect combination with your roof.

We have 35mm or 50mm frame thickness for your selection. With 35mm frame, maximum quantities can be loaded into containers, so it can save your transportation cost. At the same time, this kind of module is lighter and easier for roof installation. With 50mm frame, the modules make your installation stronger and safer.

Every PV module must be tested by the advanced test machines imported from Germany Olbricht. So cracks, splinter, insufficient solder, fractured busbar and so on can be totally avoided. Our products have passed the TUV 5400Pa mechanical load test, so they can burden snow load 5400Pa, high wind load 2400Pa. The black photovoltaic modules also have passed the TUV Salt mist corrosion resistance test, so they can be used in the area with high humidity and high concentration, such as coastal areas.

In addition, we can offer 10 years warranty for Himin photovoltaic modules. If there is any defect in materials or workmanship under normal application, installation, use and service conditions within 10 years, you can contact us at the first time, then we will provide repair, replacement or refund remedy.

To make the combination of photovoltaic module and the roof better and do not affect the beauty of the building, our company specially launched this series of PV modules. With their black appearance, the PV modules are very easy to be coordinated with the surrounding buildings, especially suitable for building integrated photovoltaic projects. In addition, black modules will not be reflective in the sun and don't affect vision. Apart from its unique appearance, this series of black PV module also has a superior performance. We adopt tempered glass with high transmittance and high efficiency battery we produce to improve the conversion efficiency of the modules. In this way, we can maximize per unit area generating capacity of the modules and reduce the installation cost of the entire PV system. We adopt junction boxes with good sealing performance, moisture resistance, aging resistance and high temperature resistance and terminal blocks with good electrical conductivity, which make sure that our products are safe and reliable. Moreover, this series of black photovoltaic modules features high mechanical strength, and has the ability to withstand any stress generated by impact or vibration during the transportation, installation and use. Also it's able to withstand the hail impact.

As a specialized black photovoltaic module manufacturer and supplier in China, we also supply off-grid photovoltaic module, rooftop on-grid solar power photovoltaic system, solar power water pump, solar street light, among others.

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